It’s official Casey Anthony is most hated person in US, find out the top ten…..

You have to work hard to beat out O.J. Simpson for most hated person in the US.  I mean the guy killed his wife, made money off of it and then beat up some random people who were trying to sell, shocker, O.J. memorabilia.  A Nielson research company (the same people who figure out TV ratings) did a poll to find out the top ten most hated people in the US.  Paris Hilton, Jon Gosselin and Octomom were among the top ten.

It is kind of amazing considering Octomom was recently on Bill O’Reilly talking about how much she hated sex.  Yes she actually told her first husband that she never wanted to touch him.  Friggin daddy issues.

Anthony was also considered “creepy” by 57 percent and “cold” by 60 percent.

Simpson has been among the top five most hated individuals since the company began polling for the weekly rankings more than five years ago.

“A lot of the folks on this list are people who are constantly in the news and have nonredeeming qualities,” Mary Ann Farrell, Senior Vice President of Research at E-Poll told The Post.

Anthony should remain on the list for “the foreseeable future,” she said.

That’s because people seem to reserve the most vitriol for notorious mothers, like Octomom and Anthony, Farrell said.

Just behind Anthony in the “total dislike” category was former “Hills” reality-TV star Spencer Pratt.

He was followed by Suleman, Simpson and former “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” star, Jon Gosselin.

  1. Casey Anthony
  2. Spencer Pratt
  3. Nadya “Octomom” Suleman
  4. O.J. Simpson
  5. Jon Gosselin
  6. Levi Johnston
  7. Jesse James
  8. Paris Hilton
  9. Heidi Fleiss
  10. Howard Stern

How is it that no member of Congress made it on that list?

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