Miss America 2011 calls Newsweek sexist….oh the irony

Miss America 2011 also had a lot to say about Newsweek posting unflattering photos of Michele Bachmann.  She thought it was sexist (big words now) and goes on to explain her – using the word lightly – thoughts filling an entire paragraph with a single sentence.  This has to be the single greatest pageant.  A group of men parades women around in dresses and their underwear for all to judge them completely on their looks.  Then makes them parrot women’s rights to the media.  This is man having his cake and eating it too…..with a little side of Teresa Scanlan.

Teresa Scanlan, 18, is determined to serve in the Oval Office … and the Supreme Court. And she’s not afraid to voice her opinion about how she thinks female politicians are often portrayed in the media.

“I think it’s a good combination to (be) President for four to eight years, and then go to the judicial side for the rest of my career until the day I die,” she told FOX & Friends on Thursday.

“I absolutely think it’s (sexist),” declared Scanlan. “Not because there’s a difference of political opinions there, but because Newsweek has had other candidates that they haven’t agreed with–they’ve had Rush Limbaugh on the cover, they had former candidates Huckabee and McCain on their covers–and whenever they have a male on their cover–even if they don’t agree with them, as far as policy goes–they portray them in a serious light, they take them seriously and they portray them in a positive light. Then, as we saw two years ago with the Sarah Palin cover in her running shorts, and now with Michele Bachmann. They simply try to degrade women and make fun of them and portray them in a negative light–and I think that shows extreme sexism.”

She goes on to say “excuse me while I rub my body down with baby oil and hairspray my bikini to my body, I’m about to do my catwalk.”

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