Senior member of Congress (Frank) farts on national television……speaks out of both ends

I heard about this for the past week but sat on it (no pun intended) for a little because I thought it might have just been those “tea baggers” (cite Anderson Cooper) fabricating something out of nothing.  However, it appears that a representative of Congress actually farted on camera.  Check out the video below.  On it you see Barney Frank the very powerful representative from Massachusetts.  You might know Frank as the guy who inserts “w’s” randomly in his words.

Now what is most telling about the “fart” is that Frank shifted his weight to his left before – how you say – relieving some tension.  He does not acknowledge that he farted nor does the interviewer, but Frank does give a half a second pause as if to say “Uh Oh that’s gonna be a rose bud.”  But this got me thinking, how often does this happen?  I mean did Patrick Henry toot his horn when delivering the line “give me liberty or give me death?”  Did SEAL Team Six leave behind an SBD in Osama’s compound to any unsuspecting terrorist?  Vote below whether you think Frank farted.


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