I can’t stop watching Michele Bachmann eating a corndog — #foodporn

So just about everyone has seen the picture of Michele Bachmann eating a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair.  Clearly no person – imagine Barney Frank eating one of those…or don’t – should eat a corn dog while the media is around.  Now the media doesn’t like Bachmann and she knows it…and still she decides to eat a corn dog Jenna Haze style.  I mean I don’t think Charlie Sheen hookers could have gotten more mileage out of that corn dog.  That’s one happy dog.

Which begs the question, why didn’t one of Bachmann’s campaign staff step in and tell the Presidential candidate that this might be a bad idea?  Heck why didn’t the “star” herself pick up on the fact that an entire row of cameramen, shooting at 30 frames per second was going to be a problem as she deep throated her food?

Getting press that Hillary Clinton could only dream of!

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