An analysis of the incontinent online giggle of Anderson Cooper (video)

Well if you haven’t seen it yet you’re probably living under a rock.  Anderson Cooper – isn’t that two last names – was reporting on the antics of Gerard Depardieu, the French actor who peed on a plane…..meaning in the isle.  Well Mr. Cooper made a little fluff piece – no pun intended – where he made puns around peeing.  Cooper couldn’t contain his jubilation and began tittering uncontrollably like a little schoolgirl.

The first thing you notice is that his face morphs…into a cats!  No joke, icanhascheezburger actually put up a cat that looks just like Cooper.  And his laugh is this high high high pitch tittering, like something that you would imagine and old Chinese man doing.  It seriously sounds like the man had his balls kicked right up into his throat.  Next you notice he’s wiping his eyes because he’s crying.  I half expected him to pull a handkerchief out of his left cufflink and blow his nose.  Whatever happened to Tim Allen and manhood?








You will have to click here because CNN won’t let anyone imbed the video.

It was this moment that I realized he was a bottom.

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