Facebook and Miramax in joint venture to stream movies

Mark’s a little late to the streaming bandwagon. So far Netflix and Apple are the two Titan’s in the streaming world. However, Amazon just threw their hat in the ring and Hulu is making waves with its free content. Facebook recently announced a deal with Miramax to create a Facebook app that would stream Miramax movies directly to Facebook users.

Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal all have deals with Mark Zuckerberg’s company, but none of this scope.

The Miramax eXperience goes live today, offering 20 titles to users in the United States and 10 to those in the United Kingdom and Turkey. Franceand Germany are next up.

In a statement on the Miramax website, Lang pointed out that “there are over 50 million friends on Facebook that mention a Miramax film in their profile, interact with our Miramax page, or like the fan pages of beloved Miramax titles and talent.”

As for the streaming service itself, the 30-Facebook credit ($3) rental can last up to 30 days, but once someone starts to watch the film there is a 48-hour window to finish it.

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