Verizon Installs Temp Cell Towers at Martha’s Vineyard for the POTUS…

Well there certainly are some perks at being the leader of the free world.  Martha’s Vineyard is sparsely populated to say the least so cell reception is not a guarantee; at least not for us common folk.  But for the President, Verizon installed temporary cell towers so that he will never miss a text from the Mrs.

The better reception is due to two temporary cell towers (known as cell on wheels) that Verizon puts up here and in neighboring West Tisbury, said Timothy R. Carroll, the executive secretary in Chilmark. He said the White House Communications Agency, which handles phone systems for the president and other federal officials, had requested the towers.

They went up in early August and will stay until the end of the month, Mr. Carroll said, adding, “I would have been happy if they came in July.”

Not everyone benefits from the better signal. James Ford, an AT&T customer from Saranac Lake, N.Y., had no service at the general store on Thursday. But his friend Stefan Martin, a Verizon customer, did.

I wonder if the POTUS does facetime with other world leaders?  Wouldn’t that be awesome, “Sarkozy, yo man looking good today!”

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