Kate Middleton had a miscarriage….due to her weight loss

When the Royal Couple touched down in the America’s they were beaming.  The media loved them – heck Kate flashed them in Canada – and the US went crazy over the Royal Couple.  But there was another reason the couple was smiling, Kate had been Bristol’d.  Of course no one actually believes that she got pregnant during her two week honeymoon.  Most likely William put a baby in that several weeks prior.  But, unfortunately, the joy was short lived because after the celebrated trip Kate began feeling lightheaded and ill.

The source says Kate was thrilled when she discovered she’d become pregnant in May during their idyllic two-week honeymoon in the Seychelles Islands.

Hours before the newly titled Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William touched down in Ottawa,  and, on June 30, doctors had confirmed she was expecting.

“You could see the joy on their faces,” says a royal source. “They looked so happy and so in love.By the time they reached California, Kate was excited beyond belief at the prospect of becoming a mother for the first time.”

Kate – worried that she was too thin to conceive – had made a Trans-Atlantic call to set up a secret meeting with a top Beverly Hills fertility specialist.

“Little did they realize their happiness would be so short-lived.”

At 5-foot-10 Kate only weighs 98 pounds – far below a healthy weight of 132 to145 pounds.

“Now friends believe her weight loss almost certainly triggered the miscarriage.”


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