Leak! Gov George Pataki Presidential site leaks, after claiming no intention on run

Awkward, like finding a yam in your parent’s bed kind of awkward.  Governor George Pataki is a center left Republican that has been toying with a presidential run.  Like Sarah Palin the Gov is enjoying a little foreplay with the press as he tests the presidential waters.  Well politickerny.com was poking around Pataki’s website and accidentally stumbled upon his presidential website.  After notifying Pataki’s spokesmen the site was taken down.

Earlier this morning, it was hosting some dummy info about a congressional candidate. That info was removed and the site was put under password protection after I emailed Pataki spokesman David Catalfamo.

But if you try logging onto the site, it brings you to a page that shows some of Pataki’s site. One category is called “Pataki’s Record” which has links to things like “budget” “taxes” “job and business climate” “national security” “welfare” “death penalty and crime” “healthcare” “k-12 education” and “higher education.”

As of today Pataki still is denying he will run for president.

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