Camden NJ to pay students to go to school, should pay them to not shoot people

So Camden NJ just got a little classier.  They are now going to use Jersey tax dollars, which has famous hookers instead of famous presidents on the bills, to pay kids to go to school.

The city of Camden will be paying almost 70 high school students $100 each to go to school in the first three weeks of the year.

To receive the promised $100, each of the 66 targeted students must attend classes as well as conflict-resolution and anger-management workshops until Sept. 30.

Oh because that worked so well for Mel Gibson.

The required state minimum attendance rate is 90 percent. Camden made the minimum requirement last year, but it has been below 90 percent in past years, according to Ramona Pearson-Hunter, the district’s director of alternative programs.


So let me get this straight, NJ has a major education budget problem, check.  Tons of kids are now staying home on their own which saves the school money, check.  The school is now spending money to bring them back………

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