Caroline Kennedy tells Arnold the Kennedy’s will make trouble for him in Hollywood

Caroline Kennedy, cousin to Maria Shriver, is livid over Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s divorce.  She is particularly pissed over the governator being aggressive during divorce proceedings.  The Kennedy’s are still loved in Hollywood (no small part due to Schwarzenegger), and Caroline said she will use all of her political pull to make things difficult for Aronld if he continues to push around his ex-wife.

That’s the shocking secret behind the “Terminator” star’s decision to back down from his outrageous demands as the pair prepare to do battle in court.

The 53-year-old daughter of John and Jackie Kennedy laid down the law to Arnie, 64, telling him she’d have him kicked out of the powerful political clan and even shunned in Hollywood if he gets

“Caroline told Arnold in no uncertain terms he was going to be cut off by the Kennedy family for good and that things could get much, much worse for him,” a source close to The Kennedys said.

“Arnold is fully aware that the Kennedys still have a lot of clout in Hollywood.”

The funny thing is Caroline is suspected, along with every other member of the Kennedy family, of cheating on her husband.  It’s why he left her….that and obviously over how bad she looks.

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