Michele Obama ignores husband with iPod

The Obama’s are on vacation in the swanky Martha’s Vineyard for the rest of the year week. Photographers caught a snapshot of the Obama’s in their car on the way to the beach. Mrs. Obama gives her husband the silent treatment by putting her headphones on while riding in the car with him.

Didn’t realize his poll numbers were that bad.

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An analysis of the incontinent online giggle of Anderson Cooper (video)

Well if you haven’t seen it yet you’re probably living under a rock.  Anderson Cooper – isn’t that two last names – was reporting on the antics of Gerard Depardieu, the French actor who peed on a plane…..meaning in the isle.  Well Mr. Cooper made a little fluff piece – no pun intended – where he made puns around peeing.  Cooper couldn’t contain his jubilation and began tittering uncontrollably like a little schoolgirl.

The first thing you notice is that his face morphs…into a cats!  No joke, icanhascheezburger actually put up a cat that looks just like Cooper.  And his laugh is this high high high pitch tittering, like something that you would imagine and old Chinese man doing.  It seriously sounds like the man had his balls kicked right up into his throat.  Next you notice he’s wiping his eyes because he’s crying.  I half expected him to pull a handkerchief out of his left cufflink and blow his nose.  Whatever happened to Tim Allen and manhood?








You will have to click here because CNN won’t let anyone imbed the video.

It was this moment that I realized he was a bottom.

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My daughter might be a slut…but at least she’s not TS (Taylor Swift)!

Andrea Lampros is some feminazi writing for the Huffington Post.  She dedicates and entire post/article to seeing TS in concert with the Lampros family.  Now I thought she was going to bring up her dislike of country music – country music sucks — or maybe that all of TS concerns are heavily produced, too commercial or too expensive.  Clearly I don’t understand what it means to be a parent.

“I didn’t expect Taylor Swift to make any radical, edgy, feminist remarks, but I also didn’t expect Gidget meets the Little Mermaid. What an incredible platform for Swift to say something as simple as “Girls rock!” or something even crazier like “Love yourselves!”

Because Girls Rock is what gets you elected to public office.  I believe Hilary Clinton specifically noted that a hippie shouting “Girls Rock” is what rocketed her to the policy spotlight not her husband getting blown.

“I hope more discerning parents than us might think twice about Swift tickets. Better to have to explain the explicit sexuality of someone like Gaga and her “Born this Way” message than to have to undo the message of female powerlessness — especially from an artist who is so fervently emulated by girls.”

And we wonder why Taylor Mommsen no longer smells like Christmas.

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Michele Bachmann wishes Elvis Presley a Happy Birthday…on the anniversary of his death (video).

Well here’s another gaff from the gal that brought you the corn dog porn shot.  Michele Bachmann is somewhere between George W Bush and Joe Biden.  I mean how hard is it to give a pre-written speech?  I mean Bachmann can’t figure out what day it is, Herman Cain didn’t know what the Middle East was, and Obama uses a teleprompter at the dinner table!  How dumb of a society have we become that our own leaders aren’t smart enough to talk?

Bunch of pot heads.

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I can’t stop watching Michele Bachmann eating a corndog — #foodporn

So just about everyone has seen the picture of Michele Bachmann eating a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair.  Clearly no person – imagine Barney Frank eating one of those…or don’t – should eat a corn dog while the media is around.  Now the media doesn’t like Bachmann and she knows it…and still she decides to eat a corn dog Jenna Haze style.  I mean I don’t think Charlie Sheen hookers could have gotten more mileage out of that corn dog.  That’s one happy dog.

Which begs the question, why didn’t one of Bachmann’s campaign staff step in and tell the Presidential candidate that this might be a bad idea?  Heck why didn’t the “star” herself pick up on the fact that an entire row of cameramen, shooting at 30 frames per second was going to be a problem as she deep throated her food?

Getting press that Hillary Clinton could only dream of!

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