Pres Hopeful Huntsman’s Daughters: Hot, Funny, and Temptresses on Twitter #notchelseaclinton


Jon Huntsman was the former Ambassador to China and currently running for President – and he’s going to need to pick up the pace because he’s behind. Currently, Obama has a 14 point spread over Huntsman– I just wanted to throw spread in there. But, wait that’s not all, Huntsman also has three two acceptable and at least one gorgeous daughter.

Huntsman and his wife have seven children in all – get off her already. However, the three hotties are his older girls: Mary Anne (b. 1985), Abigail (b. 1986), Elizabeth (b. 1989). The girls have their own joint Twitter @Jon2012girls account in which they occasionally pontificate. The girls are actually fairly amusing, today poking fun at Piers Morgan.

How many men do you think they would have to sleep with to get their Dad elected?

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