Prince Harry’s birthday, nude photos of Mila Kunis, Hillary Clintons’ plastic surgery and more

Prince Harry turned 27 on Thursday.  The royal hunk has been in the media for his summer fling and his drunkenly diving into a pool at a bar in Croatia – although the article should have been about the special that is Harry dancing.  The Prince is currently training to fly Apache helicopters and is in and out of California and Arizona – ladies dress accordingly #slutty.  He will spend his birthday on a British military base training.


Hollywood is getting screwed by hackers lately.  First Hollywood Leaks, a spinoff of the hacker group Anonymous, began targeting A-listers like Gerard Butler and releasing their emails and phone numbers.  Now it turns out another hacking group is posting nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens – she’s been around the block on this one.

The photos are of Mila in the bathtub, Scarlett topless and the Hudg in whatever new position they found her this time.  Oh and they found Justin Timberlake with pink underwear on his head.  Yup that was on Kunis’ phone.  Bottom you have to be a moron to be an actor.

And the internet is abuzz with new photos of Hilary Clinton not looking like a man.  This is a first for the former First Lady and many are wondering “can she have her period or is that not included in the surgery.”  Of course we’re not serious, she’s long dried up by now which is why the former President was thrown into the arms of another, several, a host of other women.  It is widely speculated that the Secretary of State had some major plastic surgery work done on her face.  It is also speculated that her daughter also had work done around the same time.  Could this new face be in preparation for a new presidential run?

Celebs are going crazy with the facial surgery recently:







Ok that last one’s not a celeb, and currently runner up for part in Scary Move X

Heyyyy the Fonzie received the Order of the British Empire at the British embassy in DC.  Henry Winkler was diagnosed with lisdexia, lysdexia, dyslexia and as a result of the disorder was bullied while he was in school.  So like a typical artist he cried about it and created the Hank Zipzer series of children’s books.

“I got a letter from the Queen saying she graciously agreed to confer on me the OBE,” he said.

He is the author of the Hank Zipzer children’s book series, which features a young dyslexic protagonist.

Zipzer’s adventures are based on Winkler’s own childhood struggles with school and the resulting bullying.

The author said visiting U.K. schools was “one of his favorite things to do”.

The Queen makes honorary awards to non-British citizens on the advice of the U.K. Foreign Office. It is not clear whether she is a fan of the Fonz.



He tweeted a pic as he was presented with the award.




Remember those White House gatecrashers that randomly appeared at a White House party a little while back; and then went on to be on the Real Housewives of DC?  Well Mrs. Gatecrasher (Michaele Salahi) has run off with another man.  She currently is being crashed by the guitarist of the 1980’s band Journey.  You might recognized the song Won’t Stop Believin as it is played by every major crappy cover band (ie Kristen and the Noise, The Nerds and Burnt Sienna – I wait for your comments).

What is even more embarrassing is that Mr. Gatecrasher (Tareq Salahi) filed a kidnapping report with the police and Won’t Stop Believin that she is kidnapped (ouch).

Apparently the pair have been dating, and she went to his show in Nashville last night, and is currently with him in Memphis where Journey is set to perform with fellow ’80s arena rockers Foreigner.

Journey’s rep, Scoop Market confirmed that Michaele had decided to go her “Separate Ways” from her husband, saying “nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together.”

A hint there Mr. Gatecrasher, next time you see a drunk girl at a bar singing into her Miller Light, don’t.

NJ announced that it was going to pick up the $420,000 production cost of the Jersey Shore.  State officials announced that this did not include the cost of penicillin as that would institute a double dip recession.

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