In America they throw water balloons, in Spain they throw tomatoes…thousands of them (pictures) #thatsgottahurt

Tomatina – or tomato fight – is an annual brawl held in Spain.  120 tons of tomatoes are thrown around as people celebrate, something.  According to the article no one knows what they are celebrating.

The origin of the tomato fight is disputed — everyone in Bunol seems to have a favorite story — but most agree it started around 1940, in the early years of Gen. Francisco Franco’s dictatorship.






Oh right celebrate a dictator – pardon my intelligence from getting in the way of that.

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Kill Bill star arrested for protesting at White House

Daryl Hannah, aka Elle Driver from Kill Bill, was arrested at the White House yesterday.  She pulled a typical Hollywood and protested some oil pipeline – Keystone XL? — that doesn’t exist and probably never will.  The group just sat in front of the White House which is completely legal if you simply apply for a permit.  She wanted to get arrested, because it’s better than the unemployment line.  This is what happens when you can’t get work in Hollywood!

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Presidential hopeful and New Mexico Gov talks about upskirting Mount Everest

Unless you’re from New Mexico you probably have no idea who Gary Johnson is.  He’s running for president on a theme of……pot.  Yup the guy really likes pot and wants everyone else in America to like it too.  Well GJ is also an athletic nut who loves to climb mountains.  That’s when he made this comment to one reporter.

If that’s what he did to Mt. Everest I can’t imagine what he did to Mt. Saint Helens.  I hope he bought her breakfast after.

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Judge scolds “To Catch A Predator” (TCAP) for entrapment…throws case out

A seaman who was on leave from the Navy was caught on tape by TCAP.  Dateline NBC set up a house and a chat room to lour men in with an 18 year old actress claiming to be 13.

After six days of testimony, a Judge threw out the case against Joseph Roisman and criticized the tactics used by Dateline’s partner, Perverted Justice for engaging in entrapment.

Roisman is the only one of 29 men prosecuted in the Northern California sting to beat the charges. His father had spent more than $100,000 on his defense. “They made my son’s life a living hell for five years,” says Roisman’s mother, who vowed to sue NBC.

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My daughter might be a slut…but at least she’s not TS (Taylor Swift)!

Andrea Lampros is some feminazi writing for the Huffington Post.  She dedicates and entire post/article to seeing TS in concert with the Lampros family.  Now I thought she was going to bring up her dislike of country music – country music sucks — or maybe that all of TS concerns are heavily produced, too commercial or too expensive.  Clearly I don’t understand what it means to be a parent.

“I didn’t expect Taylor Swift to make any radical, edgy, feminist remarks, but I also didn’t expect Gidget meets the Little Mermaid. What an incredible platform for Swift to say something as simple as “Girls rock!” or something even crazier like “Love yourselves!”

Because Girls Rock is what gets you elected to public office.  I believe Hilary Clinton specifically noted that a hippie shouting “Girls Rock” is what rocketed her to the policy spotlight not her husband getting blown.

“I hope more discerning parents than us might think twice about Swift tickets. Better to have to explain the explicit sexuality of someone like Gaga and her “Born this Way” message than to have to undo the message of female powerlessness — especially from an artist who is so fervently emulated by girls.”

And we wonder why Taylor Mommsen no longer smells like Christmas.

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